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Ted Davis City Commission

I am excited to be running for the City Commission for Leavenworth, Kansas, in 2021.

My theme is city-focused stewardship, which is the effective oversight and protection of Leavenworth’s tremendous resources for all citizens’ benefit.  As we repair, replace, and expand public resources, we must have clear priorities aligned with a comprehensive strategic plan.  I will always ask, “Is this the best use of the public budget?”  I want the city to preserve its historic charm while being a robust twenty-first-century community.  I want us to be good stewards of our current resources—our people, infrastructure, and historic artifacts—and our future community where our children and grandchildren can thrive.

The Leadership Our City Needs

We have a good city filled with talented people, and we are blessed with excellent civil servants who sustain our city.  I want to serve the citizens and city employees with integrity, transparency, foresight, and accountability.

To flourish, we must be realistic.  Our city exists alongside other small communities such as Lansing, and we are a military community.  We are part of a growing county.  What is good in other parts of the county and the fort is good for the city of Leavenworth, so I will work to ensure that we grow with our neighboring communities.

I am proud of Leavenworth and want to help our community flourish.  It will be an honor to serve as a city commissioner.



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A Vision For The Future

To be a safe, mid-21st Century community where people, family, and businesses thrive.




A Vision For The Future

A community spirit that welcomes and respects all our people and protects private and public property, community health and safety, and individual rights and safety.



A Vision For The Future

  • Strengthening our sense of an inclusive, caring community,
  • Innovatively sustaining and expanding our transportation and other infrastructure,
  • Promoting profitable, resilient, and socially responsible businesses,
  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of all people and property, &
  • Sustaining healthy community resources and programs, and
  • Safeguarding constitutionally protected rights.


About Ted Davis

 My family and I have lived in Leavenworth for nearly thirty years, and it has become my “hometown.”  The US Army brought me to Fort Leavenworth for my last four years on active duty (1992-1996).  My sons and daughter graduated from Leavenworth high schools, and my wife, Deni, retired from teaching at Leavenworth High School.

When we retired from active duty, my wife and I decided that Leavenworth was our best retirement location.  It was a wise decision, and I want to serve the community as a city commissioner.

Why I Am Qualified

Experienced Leader:  For twenty-two years, I was a commissioned officer in the US Army and retired in 1996 after teaching at the Command and General Staff College.  I loved being an active duty soldier, and it was a great career.  I am still committed to my oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Business Owner:  I have been a successful leadership and management business consultant, coach, and trainer for twenty-three years.  I worked with a wide variety of businesses and developed many executive and mid-level leaders.

Strategic Leader:  During my Army teaching career, educated Army strategist.  In my business career, I have helped scores of companies develop and implement their strategic plans.  I earned a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree.

Blessed Husband, Father, and Grandfather:  I am truly blessed.  My wife, Deni, and I are married for forty-five wonderful years, and our sons and daughter blessed us with seven grandchildren.  As I look at Leavenworth, it is through the eyes of a family man.

Community Volunteer and Leader:  I worship at Westside Family Church and chaired the Finance Team and am a deacon.  I am privileged to sit on the Board of Directors for the First Judicial District’s Court Appointed Special Advisor (CASA) Association.  I have been active in the Leavenworth-Lansing Chamber of Commerce, and my wife and I are advisors for the Avenue of Life Ministry.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Your Vote is Important. Please remember to register and vote on August 3, 2021.








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Upcoming Events

June 21, 2021

Speaking at the Leavenworth County Republican Women’s lunch meeting

June 26, 2021

Attending the Leavenworth County Republican Party picnic

July 13, 2021

Last Day to register for Primary Election

July 17, 2021

Participating in the League of Women Voter’s Candidate Forum

July 24, 2021

Advance Voting in Person begins

August 3, 2021

Primary Election (polls open 7am-7pm)

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